Meet the founder

Hello! I’m Courtney, the founder of Soulfull Spaces. Throughout my life I struggled with my own mental health, experiencing anxiety and depression. I also work full time in the mental health field. I’ve always used redecorating my space, creating and writing as a coping skill for myself. When I started making candles in 2020 and building my first business it made my soul feel full. It felt like I was fulfilling a special purpose each time I received good feedback on my candles and wax melts. After parting ways with my old company, I slipped back into a depressed and anxious state. Then I began to think about how I felt when I was creating products, the feelings they invoked in my customers and interacting with my customers daily. Out of that feeling I was inspired to begin “Soulfull Spaces.” When people buy a product from me I want to pass on the feeling of their soul being full no matter what space they are in physically mentally or emotionally.