Amy J Mundis Scholarship

Since 2010 April has always been one of the hardest months for me due to my mother's passing when I was 16. She has always been one of the biggest motivators in my life. I watched her work well beyond her 40 hours a week in addition to attending nursing school all while being a single mother to 2 kids. Throughout my entire life she emphasized to me the importance of education and working hard for the things that you truly wanted in life. The vision of my mother walking across that stage in her early 30's to get her degree despite every obstacle put in her way sticks to the forefront of my mind. It is the vision that helped push me through the rest of high school to get to college, then through college and now to go full force in pursing my passion of running my own business. Each time I have ever had the thought in my mind to give up I remember that though my mother had to take a break from college when she gave birth to my sister she still went back and finished. As a young girl who went to college without her I also know the financial burden that may make you want to give up in the moments of trying to push through and finish


In my mothers honor I have created the "Amy J Mundis Scholarship." In the spirit of her beautiful heart that would help you however she could and he passion toward education a percentage of all sales will go toward supporting a college student who has lost their mother.